An introduction to the analysis of the 911 documentary

These are facts that can no longer be disputed by any reasonable person who has examined all the available evidence.

An introduction to the analysis of the 911 documentary

MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controlled Demolition It should also be noted that the same catastrophic impact of the airplanes and subsequent raging inferno that supposedly brought two of the tallest buildings in the world down in the matter of one hour somehow spared the passport of one of the alleged hijackers.

It is worth clarifying that that passport, like yours and mine, was made out of paper. A well-known, highly flammable material that somehow exited the pocket of a man flying a jumbo jet into a building at mph, then floated unscathed through the initial impact, zig-zagged its way through a thundering firestorm that supposedly burned hot enough to melt steel approximately degrees Farenheitand fluttered unharmed onto a Manhattan sidewalk to be collected by an industrious FBI agent tipped off by a citizen on Vesey St.

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It is important to note that the author is not making this up. Here is the AP report. We are spoon fed these absurdities by a mass-media whose inability for deductive reasoning is trumped only by our own. The first detail is the speed with which the Towers fell.

Despite the huge amount of mass and material sitting underneath them, the tops of both Towers, like with Building 7, collapsed to the ground at close to free-fall speed. This is virtually the same speed it took the actual top 15 floors of the North Tower to collapse.

With the entire in-tact, undamaged, unaffected 90 floors worth of core building sitting underneath it, somehow providing NO further resistance to the falling building than air itself. Remember that the impact zone of the aircraft and the subsequent fire was from floor 90 up.

No other part of the building could have possibly sustained any serious damage since heat and fire go up.

An introduction to the analysis of the 911 documentary

This is another unequivocal impossibility. Almost exactly like these firefighters in this video surmised on the morning of September 11 before the story got officially rewritten. Watch Video link B. Squibs An up-close analysis and review of the cascading collapse of the buildings shows more evidence of explosives and cutter charges.

Squibs are horizontal puffs of debris and smoke that explode laterally out from the side of an imploding building. Of huge importance is the fact that squibs explode far below the level of falling debris, detonating in the seconds before the arrival of the rest of the falling building from above.

For an initial example of a squib, click on this video, and observe the lateral explosions just below the main explosion initiating the onset of collapse. But this explanation is absurd. The squibs shown in the videos are all small, cylindrical, tight puffs of explosions that are exact replicas of other known squibs seen in official building demolitions.

Like this one, whose squibs look identical to the above video of the north tower. How is it possible that the compressing air pressure of a massive building totaling millions of square feet was channeled into narrow, neat cylinders of force that blew little round holes through very localized blast spots, cylinders that just happen to look exactly like those of officially demolished buildings?NAVARRE, nobility.


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