Economic crisis essay topics

Use an editor to spell check essay. Ever since the economic crisis has hit the most developed and prosperous economies of the world, there have been experts trying to research and suggest all that went wrong. It is indeed comparable in magnitude with the Great Depression of the s.

Economic crisis essay topics

Among the casualties of this crisis were large financial institutions; many of which collapsed due to the gravity of the crisis. Banks too were not spared and had to be bailed out by national governments; stock markets around the world experienced downturns.

This crisis was actually triggered by a liquidity crisis in the banking system of the United States.

This Essay seeks to discuss the subprime mortgage crisis that came about during the economic crisis. The Subprime Mortgage Crisis: The subprime mortgage crisis was one of the earliest indicators of the financial crisis.

It was characterized by a rise in foreclosures and a consequent decline in securities that backed these mortgages. The people who had increased their wealth substantially as a result of the run up of the prices of stock increased their spending substantially.

The wealth realized from the stocks resulted in the buying of new homes that were bigger and better for they wanted to spend a substantial amount of their new stock wealth on housing. If the course of the housing bubble would have taken the same path as in Japan, the housing bubbled would have collapsed alongside the stock bubble between the year to On the contrary, the stock bubble collapse in fact helped to fuel the housing bubble.

This was because millions of people lost faith in the stock market and saw real estate as a safe alternative investment avenue Baker, Dean page As a result of the dot com bubble burst in earlythe American economy was at risk of recession.

The terrorist attacks on the 11th of September the following year further compounded this situation. In a bid to stimulate the economy, central banks tried to stimulate growth by creating capital liquidity by means of a reduction in interest rates.

Everyone involved in the housing sector including mortgage lenders, regulators, homebuyers, rating agencies, investment and central bankers erroneously thought that the ordinary rules of finance and economics no longer applied.

The bursting of the tech stock bubble a few years before did not serve as a lesson for the soaring housing market; the players in this sector thought that things were truly different.

Prices of houses shot up faster than household incomes or rents, in the same way the dot com era stock prices had risen leaving corporate earnings far behind.

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Though many of these people were forthright and prudent, a good number were not. Home buyers and lenders, either implicitly or explicitly conspired to fudge and even lie on loan applications only thining about the appreciating property values. Homeowners believed that the rise in the prices of houses would enable them to refinance again and again, thereby freeing cash while at the same time keeping mortgage payments low.

To the lenders, this meant more fees. The surging home values empowered investment bankers to invent increasingly sophisticated and complex securities that ensured that money kept flowing into the fast growing housing markets. Houses were traded like stocks; they were bought and sold purely on speculation that the prices would continue to soar.

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Economic crisis essay topics

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