Short essay questions in pediatrics

Now, of course, there is another hurdle to cross, and that is sounding as amazing as you appear to be on your CASPA application. Why must you prepare? Because despite being totally awesome, which we know you are, relaying this to the admissions committee without sounding like a nitwit requires practice. Below are actual interview questions that have been asked of the generations of PA school applicants who walked before you.

Short essay questions in pediatrics

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What attracted you to Orthopedic Surgery? I feel like you can learn a lot about a specialty based on what you see in the attending physicians of that specialty.

The orthopedic attendings, for the most part, seemed happy. Attendings often work harder than residents. First and foremost, the patient comes first and your day ends when the work is done.

Call and nights vary between sub-specialties, but generally if you are asking this question, Orthopedic Surgery may not be the right choice for you. What is the average salary of an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Also varies from specialty to specialty. Generally speaking Orthopedic Surgeons are some of the best compensated surgical specialists, but that should only be a perk. What is the job market like for Orthopedic Surgery?

The market varies amongst subspecialties. Hand Surgery and Sports Medicine are amongst the most competitive now, but are also rather saturated. Generally speaking, our aging population bodes well for our job security for the next couple of decades at least.

Residencies currently range from years with 1 year fellowships available in: What are the potential downsides of Orthopedic Surgery? Be prepared to work hard and not complain. What else would you tell medical students who are considering Orthopedic Surgery?

With a good work ethic and the right motives, Orthopedic Surgery will offer a rewarding lifetime of challenge and service. Very, with the caveat that interpersonal and personality traits cannot emphasized enough.

The rest is studying and hard work. Away rotations are usually weighted pretty heavily and should be considered a month long job interview. I would want to feel fairly comfortable with the people you interact with.

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You will be spending a good chunk of your life with them. Also, ask them the appropriate, but difficult questions. I always appreciated programs that seemed to be up front and honest.

Do you have any advice about the residency application? Spend plenty of time on your personal statement and have it proofread by several different people. Another thing that I found useful was to offer to draft letters for those you askā€¦chances are good they are probably busier than you are.

Is there anything you wish you knew before application season? Give every day your best shot. The rest takes care of itself.

Short essay questions in pediatrics

No amount of worry will do anything but shorten your life span. What other advice to you have for students applying to Orthopedics? It is a stressful, but dynamic time in life. For more help choosing a specialty in medicine, I highly recommend one or both of these two great books.

I found both very useful.Research and Clinical Trials. See how Mayo Clinic research and clinical trials advance the science of medicine and improve patient care.

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The aim of the study was to evaluate whether the results of an examination differ when short answer questions (SAQ) or modified essay questions (MEQ) are used. Method, Forty-nine students in the internal medicine course in Gothenburg, Sweden, performed a written examination in , which included both SAQ and MEQ.

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